Choosing a new boiler can be challenging, with the huge range of choice available. From sizes to types, boilers can be difficult to get right, and thats without considering the terminology used to describe them. However, here at K and M Maintenance, we are boiler experts. We work across Lancashire and the surrounding areas to provide boiler and gas solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to choosing your brand new boiler.

Budget correctly

New boilers vary greatly in price. While one boiler might set you back more than £4000, another might only cost £1000, including installation. Before you begin boiler shopping, make sure you have a budget to stick to This will help narrow our search results and it will be easier to choose between available boilers. In addition, dont forget that installation can be an added cost on top of the new boiler, especially if it needs re-positioning. As a result, you need to consider these added costs as part of your budget, otherwise you could get caught out.

Suitable boiler types

Make sure you are searching for suitable boiler types. If you are looking for a simple swap over, you want to make sure you purchase the same type of boiler. Whether its a conventional boiler, that requires an additional hot water storage tank, or a compact combination boiler, choose the type that suites your home.

Choose the right size boiler

Another consideration for choosing your brand new boiler is the size of the boiler. Different size boilers service different size homes. As a result, it is important that you choose the right size boiler for your home. In fact, a boiler that is too large for your home could be wasting gas, while a boiler too small wonít be able to heat your property at all.

Boiler Position

The final item on our guide to choosing your brand new boiler, is the boiler position. While it is cheaper and easier to simply swap your old boiler with the new one, sometimes this isnt the best option for your household. The boiler may be in an awkward or disruptive place and it may need to be moved. Make this decision first, and discuss the costs with a qualified and registered professional.

For more information or advice about choosing your brand new boiler, get in touch today.