When it comes to your boiler, you probably take it for granted. Just like thousands of others across the UK. But when a full boiler breakdown hits, you realize how much you rely on your boiler for heating and hot water. Even throughout the summer. Here at  K and M Maintenance, we work across Lancashire, from Blackburn to Bolton, Preston to Chorley, and everywhere in between. As a result, we are often repairing, servicing or installing boilers. But what is boiler servicing? And what are the advantages of boiler servicing?


First of all, what is boiler servicing?

A full boiler service is a great way to keep on top of your boiler maintenance and make sure that it is functioning correctly. For a professional boiler service, you will need to hire a professional team. Like us, here at K and M Maintenance. We will:

  • test all the inner components and record the results
  • check the gas pressure and make sure there are no leaks throughout the system
  • make sure the flue isn’t blocked, clean the flue and check the emissions
  • clean all the individual parts to get rid of any dust or debris that can block the system

On completion, we will rebuild your boiler and make sure it is all neat and tidy. We will also provide written documentation of the testing and results.

Advantages of boiler servicing

There are many advantages of booking an annual boiler service. These advantages include:

  • finding areas of wear and tear that wouldn’t otherwise be known about
  • discovering any faults or problems in the boiler or the system
  • fixing any simple issues then and there
  • cleaning your components can promote longevity and efficiency

Essentially, a boiler service can prevent a full boiler breakdown, by testing all components and giving you an opportunity to replace or repair these as necessary.

If you would like your boiler to be serviced, anywhere in Lancashire, contact the professionals today at K and M Maintenance.