Before you spend any money on a boiler repair, it’s best to diagnose the symptoms and see what kind of problems your boiler is facing. One of the most common problems with boilers is that they’re not producing any heat or hot water – in which case, you should call one of our 24/7 on call engineers.

A clear sign that your boiler needs repairing is if the flame is not a clear blue colour. If the flame is orange or yellow, you need to call someone straight away. Another sign is if the pressure suddenly drops or rises and you have to keep topping up your boiler regularly. If you can hear your boiler making strange noises such as clunking or ticking, then this is also something that requires immediate attention.

Check that your boiler is using the right amount of gas, if your gas prices seem to be increasing but the boiler is still not working properly, then you could be paying more than you need to for a broken boiler.

Here at K & M, we repair boilers in any kind of condition, whether they be old or brand new. We offer repair solutions and cover for your electric and gas central heating boilers. This covers repairs, parts and labour, annual service, and a guaranteed service in case of emergencies.

Our engineers are guaranteed to come out straight away with assess your boiler and inspect what needs repairing, they always have the parts on hand while they are travelling so you don’t need to worry about waiting for parts to become available.

Like a lot of insurance policies, boiler repair and cover comes with many different levels, some policies are capped and some aren’t, so make sure you choose one with sufficient coverage.

If you have quite a new, modern boiler they are usually great at using 10-20% less gas than older, traditional boilers but their main problem is that they tend to break down in the winter, which is why servicing and repairs are so important.

One way to prevent this would be to leave your heating on at all times and if you have a timer, you can set your heating to a low temperature during the night and also when the house is empty.

Always remember to keep an eye on your boiler and ensure that it is working to its full potential.