Here at K and M Maintenance, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. From commercial electricals, to domestic, we can help solve any electrical issue. This includes dealing with fuses and fuse boxes. Trust us, we know how irritating a tripped fuse can be. As a result, we have produced this guide to help you fix a tripped fuse.

Safety considerations

First of all, before you do anything, you need to think of the safety considerations. Electricity is dangerous and can easily claim lives. And electrical damage to your property or possessions can also be costly. Make sure you don’t become just another number, and instead adhere to electrical safety rules. Make sure that all of your effected electrical appliances are switched off, and unplugged. This is because residual electricity can be dangerous.

The Fuse box

The first thing to do is to locate your properties fuse box, and decide if you can work on it yourself or not.

If you have a traditional fuse box, you will need a qualified and registered electrician to take a look. This is because a traditional fuse box will no doubt be outside of the current electrical safety regulations, and to prevent damage, it is best to contact the experts.

However, a modern fuse box should not be an issue. If your fuse box has a row of lots of switches, you most likely have a modern fuse box.

When a faulty appliance, or a circuit problem effects the electrical current in your home, your fuse box responds by switching off this circuit ring altogether. This means that you will lose power to appliances and lights in this area. However, when you look at your fuse box, the problem should be obvious. This is because one of the switches will be off, when the rest are still on.

Fixing a tripped switch

All you need to do is unplug all of the electrical devices that may have caused the issue, and switch the fuse back on. Now it is a simple matter of trial and error, which involves turning on appliances one by one, until you find the culprit. The appliance at fault will no doubt cause the switch to trip again.

Once you have identified the problem, you should be able to use the rest of your electricals as normal.

For more information or advice, or if you have a traditional fuse box, get in touch with the experts today here at K and M Maintenance.