Planning your dream home extension is an exciting time for any home-owner or property developer. However, many people skip over the important decisions when it comes to the practicalities of the space, including light fixtures and sockets. Here at K and M Maintenance we are Preston’s leading electrical experts, and we work across the North West to solve and resolve electrical issues. As a result, we have produced this guide to lights and sockets in home extensions.

lights and sockets in home extensions

Number of sockets

Sockets themselves are generally in short supply in home across the UK. In fact, most households are using more than 3 extension cables, just to plug in the appliances and devices that they need. As a result, these households are at increased risk of electrical fires and electric shocks.

However, when it comes to your home extension, you can make the practical decision about how many sockets to install. This is a decision you should truly consider fully, as it will have a lasting effect on the usability of the space you are creating.

Once you have decided on the number of sockets you will need, always add on two extra. This is because it is far more convenient to have too many sockets, than not enough.

Light fixtures

Uplighters, downlights, spotlights, or directional lighting can all be a fantastic way to personalise your new space and help you make the most out of it. The same can be said for lighting control. You dont have to settle for the same old switches. Instead, make sure you research your different options. As a result, you will enjoy your home extension for many years to come.

Here at K and M Maintenance, we can install sockets and light fixtures across your home, including your new home extension. Why not contact us today?