Boilers are so important to our day to day activities. From showering and washing, to heating our homes, the boiler needs to be in full working order, all the time. But what about a boiler that isnt working too well? What are the signs of a faulty boiler? And what should you do about it? Here at K and M Maintenance we are boiler experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to the signs of a faulty boiler.

Sign number 1: The noise

Boilers generally do make a little bit of noise, especially in older homes. However, if your radiators or your boiler itself is gurgling or whistling, this is a sure sign of kettling. And it can indicate a boiler that needs professional attention.

Kettling is a common boiler problem that can cause big problems. It happens when the boilers heat exchanger becomes covered in limescale and sludge, which prevents water from being heated evenly and thoroughly. As a result, hot spots of water will actually boil, and it is this process that creates the noise.

This is a problem, not just because the noise is irritating, but because it means that your boiler needs to work harder to heat your home and power your central heating systems. A boiler that is not efficient will be using more fuel, costing you more money, and putting more strain on the internal components.

Sign number 2: Switching off

One of the clear signs of a faulty boiler is one that is switching off unexpectedly. Not only is this extremely irritating, it is also demonstrating a clear problem with the electrical signals. It is entirely possible that your boiler is switching off because it is not reading the signals from the thermostat or the valves correctly. As a result, your boiler should be checked out by a professional and qualified gas engineer immediately.

Sign number 3: Leaks

A leaking boiler can be a real problem. It indicates an issues with the water levels and valves, and can mean that your home is not being heated the way it should be. Get a registered gas engineer to stop the leak, protecting your equipment, and preventing more serious issues from occurring.

If you recognise any of these signs of a faulty boiler, get in touch with the professionals here at K and M Maintenance.