Here at K and M Maintenance, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. One common theme that we have seen recurring, is first time buyers being duped into not checking the electrics of the property, before purchase. In fact, many think that the electrical testing is part of the home survey, and this is not always the case. As a result we have produced this guide to Electrical Installation Condition Reports for home buyers.

Why should the electrics be tested?

Before you purchase any property, you should always have the electrics thoroughly tested. There are a couple of reasons for this, and these include:

  • a basic home-buyers survey might not include the advice of a qualified electrician and will only provide details of electrical work recently completed. This is not an accurate reflection on the state of the electrics within the home.
  • any electrical problems you encounter after moving in will be your responsibility, and if the house needs entirely re-wiring, or any electrics need updating, you could be forking out a lot of money. If this problem was noticed by an electrician, before the sale, it could have been part of the price negotiations.
  • each year around 70 people die and 350,000 are seriously injured as a result of electricity. So you could be in danger.

What is an Electrical Installation Condition Report?

An electrical installation condition report will involve a professional and qualified electrician carrying out a range of tests. These will include:

  • inspecting the fuse box
  • inspecting the sockets and switches and testing them for power and safety
  • circuit testing looking for any breaks or faults
  • earthing and polarity will also be tested

At the end of the testing process, the electrician will provide you with a detailed breakdown of everything that has been tested and the results of these tests. They will also note any remedial changes that need to be made.

Electrical Installation Condition Reports for home buyers

When buying a new property, don’t be fooled into buying into the simple survey. Make sure you get your own, independent Electrical Installation Condition Report carried out because this can save you money in the long run. And it also ensures that your new home is safe for you and your family to move into.

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