Sockets are incredibly important in any room. Especially as an increasing number of our daily devices and gadgets need to be plugged in. As a consequence, many homes are relying on extension leads to provide the number of sockets they need. This can pose a risk, that many people are unaware of. Here at K and M Maintenance, we are Preston’s leading electrical company, and we provide electrical services across the North West. As a result, we have produced this guide to the dangers of socket shortage.

The problems with extension leads

The first issue that arises from a lack of sockets is the overuse of extension leads. Extension leads are fantastic, but they can quickly become overloaded. Take for example, your toaster and your kettle. If you were to plug each of these into the extension lead, you risk instantly overloading the socket, and causing an electrical fire. If this does occur, it is likely that your insurance company will not pay out. Even if you somehow avoid the fire, the damage to the socket will need to be repaired by a professional, and can pose an electric shock risk in the meantime.

In addition, while we rely heavily on extension leads, we overlook the need for safety. As electrical experts, we see:

  • extension leads plugged into other extension leads- which causes a massive strain on the socket
  • double and triple plugs, plugs into the extension lead- which again puts the socket under a lot of strain
  • extension cable wires in unsafe places leading to trip hazards

Installing additional sockets

As extension leads can pose a serious risk to safety, the only safe answer to tackle socket shortage is to install additional sockets. With around 92% of homes using 3 extension leads or more, socket shortage seems to be a common occurrence. As a result, installing more sockets can only ever be a helpful move. Here at K and M Maintenance, our team of qualified and registered electricians are here to help. Give us a call today.