It’s never a good time for your boiler to breakdown. With no hot water, and no central heating, boiler breakdowns are extremely inconvenient. So it’s no wonder that people are tempted to hire the first gas engineer they come across. But how do you know you are choosing the right company or sole trader? And how can you avoid illegal gas fitters? Here at K and M Maintenance, we are experts at providing a high quality, professional service. This is our guide to hiring a professional gas engineer.

What are the signs of an illegal gas engineer?

If you are looking for a professional gas engineer, make sure you use the Gas Safe Register. This has been set up for all qualified and professional gas engineers to sign up to, and makes it much easier to choose the right team.

Additionally, the same team over at the Gas Safe Register have developed a profile of the average illegal gas engineer. This includes key points, like:

  • the company size. Illegal gas fitters tend to work for small companies, with less than four members of staff. They are also often sole traders.
  • Work undertaken. Many of these illegal engineers offer a range of additional services, presenting as a handy man, or odd job man, without being a professional, trustworthy, gas engineer.

How can you avoid an unqualified or illegal gas engineer?

To avoid paying for an illegal service, from a team that might be more likely to cut corners, or neglect safety practices, follow these tips:
Always select a gas engineer from the Gas Safe Register. This means they will be qualified and professional.

Always ask for a Gas Safe Register ID card. This is the only way you can guarantee that they are legally able to work on your gas fire, gas cooker, or your gas boiler.

Always check the back of the ID card. This lists work the engineer is legally allowed to undertake. If someone is qualified to fit a gas fire, it doesn’t mean they can fit your gas boiler.

At K and M Maintenance, our gas engineers are fully qualified and registered. For all your gas needs, contact us today.