Although purchasing a new boiler seems expensive, the new technology means that they are more reliable, use less energy, and are less prone to maintenance problems and breakdowns. This means that a new boiler will most likely save you money in the long run by protecting you from extortionate gas bills and engineer call outs. If you think your boiler is outdated and it might be time to upgrade, don’t hesitate to contact us at K & M Maintenance for any help or advice. In the mean-time, this is our guide to updating your boiler.

How much will it cost?

A new boiler can be around £800-£2000 depending on your home’s needs, and this is a lot to invest in a household appliance. But, when you take into consideration that 60% of your energy bill annually is spent on your boiler, a more efficient and reliable boiler will save you as much as £300 a year on gas bills alone, not to mention saving you money on engineer callouts that you will likely no longer need.

Not only does the boiler itself cost to purchase, you must have your boiler installed by a registered, professional and qualified gas engineer. This will increase the initial cost of your boiler, but it is worth it. Boilers that aren’t fitted properly can result in gas leaks, explosions, fires and carbon monoxide poisoning, all of which can be lethal to you and your family. The good news is that here at K & M Maintenance we offer a range of deals and boiler finance offers to help you spread the cost of the installation.

What are the advantages?

As discussed, a new boiler can save you up to £300 a year on your gas bills. But this isn’t the only benefit to a new boiler. Fitting a new boiler as a property developer or a home owner can increase your property value and make your property much more appealing when it comes to selling. Also, as a new boiler will have updated technology it is going to be more reliable as well as more efficient. This means it will be less prone to problems and you will have better water pressure and improved overall performance. The new models also have built in safety features such as carbon monoxide alarms, which could potentially save your life.

In summary

A new boiler may be a huge investment but it’s definitely worth it in terms of improved performance, water pressure, reliability and efficiency. For a free installation quote contact us today.