Home security is becoming big business. Burglaries and thefts dont just cause physical damage, they can cause deep emotional issues too. As a result, many homeowners are looking into and installing home security systems. But what are these and how do they work? Well, here at K and M Maintenance, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. We work with homeowners and companies across the North West with bases in Blackburn, Bolton, and Chorley as well as Preston. As a result, we have produced this guide to electrical home security options.

Home security options

There are several options that can be used to help keep your home and family safe. These home security options include:

  • exterior security lighting
  • exterior cctv
  • smart locks

A professional and qualified electrician will be able to install any of these to protect your home.

Exterior security lighting

Dark nights are the perfect cover for potential thieves or burglars to lurk around your home. In many instances, burglars actually watch a home for some time before breaking in. Exterior security lighting will get rid of the darkness around your home, and as they use motion sensors, nobody will be able to sneak up on your home. As a result, the thief is likely to move onto an easier target.

Exterior CCTV

CCTV may feel a bit extreme, but you should speak to a victim of burglary. They will not share this opinion. CCTV cameras are a fantastic deterrent themselves, and the evidence you capture can be used to prosecute the perpetrator in court.

Smart Locks

A smart lock is a fantastic home security option. Your door will never be left open accidentally, and you wont need to worry about your lock being picked. Instead, you may swipe into your home with a key-card, or use a code and keypad, or simply an App on your phone. Either way, your front door will not be accessible to a thief or burglar.

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