Combination boilers may be the most popular choice for many home-owners, but others are opting to simply replace their outdated conventional boilers with a newer model of the same type. Here at K & M Maintenance, our team of registered, qualified, and professional gas engineers are here ready to take on boiler fittings and installations of any boiler type, and often we find that these are conventional boilers, even in modern and contemporary homes. This article aims to explain why conventional boilers are still an effective choice for some households.

Water pressure

Although combination boilers are well equipped for providing high quality water pressure, conventional boilers can provide hot water to multiple taps in multiple rooms without losing any pressure, which isn’t always the case with combination boilers. This makes conventional boilers particularly suitable for larger houses with multiple bathrooms.

Hot water tank

With conventional boilers, there is always the option to fit an electrical immersion heater to the hot water cylinder at the time when the new boiler is installed, and this is something that our gas engineers are more than willing to offer. This is a great way to ensure that your boiler has back up and that you can still get hot water and heating, even if something happens to your cold water tank or the connections between this and the boiler itself.


In older houses with the existing framework for a cold-water tank in the attic or loft, as well as a hot water cylinder, it can actually be more beneficial to simply switch out the old boiler and replace it like for like, with a more energy efficient and modern conventional boiler. This is because removing the pipework may be complicated in terms of the plasterwork and redecorating required to cover up the existing holes, which ultimately makes the job itself more difficult as a homeowner.

In summary

Our trained and qualified, professional gas engineers are equipped to fit either a combination boiler or a conventional boiler, depending on your preference. Despite being less popular than combination boilers, conventional boilers are the suitable and effective choice for many homes, due to the high water pressure, back up options and existing pipework. Whatever you require, contact us at K & M Maintenance today.