The summer is finally drawing to a close and people all over the country are trading in the pollen for snowflakes and frosty breath. It’s time to start dusting off the cobwebs from your boiler and getting it prepared for the winter months.

Last year it was recorded that boilers started to turn on again around this time to ensure they were in full working order, if you haven’t yet switched it on, here’s how you can prepare your central heating system for the cold weather.

Insulate the Pipes

Water in your pipes can freeze once the weather drops below zero thus blocking your plumbing system. As the water expands, it turns into ice which is most likely to cause them to burst, rupture and break. Insulating your pipes is cost effective, simple and quick!

Run a Test

If the days are still a bit warm but the nights chilly, it’s best to run a preliminary test after the sun goes down to make sure everything is in perfect working order. If problems do occur, this test enables you to seek out boiler repair while the weather is still somewhat pleasant.

Boiler Service

The months leading up to winter are the best times to get your boiler serviced as months of disuse can cause problems, especially in the winter when you need it the most. By scheduling a gas safety check, you’re avoiding any future breakdowns that may occur.

Boiler Cover

By taking out boiler cover, you’re covered if a breakdown does happen. You can choose a cover that is right for you and you are guaranteed to be responded to within 24 hours. It’s best to do this before winter strikes as if you need a repair in winter, you might struggle with receiving it.