A lot of things can go wrong if your boiler is not properly cared for which is why we listed the top 5 signs your boiler needs repairing. Make sure to check our Boiler Repair page on ways to prevent problems from happening in the future and also which policies to go for and how our team can help you if you experience any of the below occurrences.


If you’re hearing strange noises coming from your radiator, then this could be a sign of built up sludge and lime scale on your boilers heat exchanger. This can restrict the flow of water and make it overheat and boil – which causes the clanging sounds. This overpowers your boiler and makes it work harder thus shortening the systems life. If your boiler is making strange sounds, be sure to call an engineer.

Cold Radiators

If you find that your radiators aren’t getting hot, then this could be down to two problems – sludge or air build up. If only the bottom of your radiators are getting hot, then you may need to bleed them which is simple and straightforward. If this doesn’t work, then you may need to powerflush the system which ensures that the deposits have all been washed away.

Boiler is switching itself off

This could be due to lower water pressure or a problem with your thermostat or a closed valve. If the water isn’t circulating properly after you’ve checked the symptoms, it’s best to call out a Gas Safety Engineer so they can identify the problem in greater detail.

Leaks or Drips

A multitude of problems can cause your boiler to leak and it will all depend on where it’s leaking from to determine the issue at hand. Something might need replacing and more often than not it will be an internal component so it’s best to call an engineer.

Pilot Light has gone out

This could be due to a draught or a broken thermocouple, it’s best to check your gas supply before trying to reignite the light. You can try fixing it yourself if you follow the instructions provided in your boilers manual.