An annual boiler service is essential to maintain your boilers efficiency and productivity and prevent any issues that may result in no heating or hot water. An annual service can also prevent gas leaks, including carbon monoxide, and so keeps your family safe. As part of the boiler service an engineer will test your boiler putting it through all of its settings and make a detailed report as to what has been tested and what the results were. This can help them identify parts for repair or maintenance. So how do you prepare for a boiler service?


Before contacting your local gas engineers, do some research. Legally the engineer that works on your boiler needs to be registered with gas safe proving they have the experience and qualifications to work on your boiler. Every year, lots of unregistered engineers are employed by home owners and this means that the work undertaken has been illegal. Make sure you research your gas engineering company and choose the best one. Here at K and M Maintenance all of our gas engineers are registered and qualified professionals so you can be sure of good quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

Prepare the appliance

If at all possible, try and switch off the boiler before your gas engineer is due to arrive. This will give the boiler chance to cool down and means that the engineer can get on with the job straight away.

Prepare the area

The gas engineer will need to be able to access your boiler easily and use tools and equipment and so if it would be possible for you to clear any objects that may be obstructing the area, that you would rather move yourself, that would be particularly helpful. At K and M Maintenance our gas engineers are committed to customer service and will endeavour to make as little mess and disruption as possible. This includes protecting your carpets and covering work surfaces.

Prepare your pets

If possible it would be a good idea to keep any pets in another part of the home, away from the area that the gas engineer will need to access. This is crucial for the safety of your pet.

In summary

There are several steps involved in preparing for the annual boiler service including research and preparation of the boiler and workspace. Why not call K and M Maintenance today for advice or more information?