Providing both heating and hot water, boilers are an important part of everyday life, and a boiler that is not working correctly can lead to a lot of unwanted hassle. Preventing this though, is easier than you might think. An annual service can keep your boiler maintained and working exactly as it should, as well as spot potential issues that may arise, or parts that may need replacing.

Prevention is better than cure

Servicing your boiler annually may seem like an unnecessary cost, but the dangers of a poorly maintained boiler are real. Carbon Monoxide is a lethal gas that is odourless and invisible, completely undetectable without a carbon monoxide alarm, and it can be emitted from a faulty boiler. Also, gas can leak from a boiler causing dangerous potential issues such as gas fires and explosions. A service can save your life.

Save you money

Not only does servicing your boiler provide a great preventative measure against lethal gas leaks and explosions, it can also save your pocket too. A boiler that is regularly serviced and kept in good working order can save you money on your gas bills, and is much easier and cheaper to repair than a boiler that has not been maintained.

Boilers that are clogged or are not working to 100% of their efficiency are going to cost you more in gas bills.
What does a service involve?

During the service, our engineer will test the boiler for functionality on all settings to ensure that the boiler is capable of meeting efficiency requirements and responding to the input system. We will also inspect all pipes and flues to ensure quality and suitable connections, and give these a thorough clean out to prevent clogging. Finally, we will replace any malfunctioning or worn out parts to make sure that your boiler is in top condition.

In summary

Yearly boiler servicing can save your life, and your pocket. Gas leaks and inefficiencies emerge from un-serviced boilers, don’t let yours be one of those. Contact us at K&M Maintenance to book your boiler servicing today.