Shopping for a new boiler can be a challenge. From deciding on the type of boiler, to the size of the boiler, and then finding a great deal, it can all get a little overwhelming. This is without considering the confusing boiler lingo. Here at K and M Maintenance we are Preston’s favourite boiler experts, and we know how confusing this can all be. As a result, we have produced this guide to some of the technical terms and jargon that can be so confusing.

  • Flow rate– This is a technical term that causes much confusion, and is relevant to combination boilers. It refers to the amount of hot water that will come out of your tap within 1 minute. The more water that is produced in 1 minute, the higher the given flow rate. This is important to boilers because if more water is produced in a shorter time, daily tasks like filling a bath, or a sink, will take less time. As a result, the combination boiler will not need to be burning fuel for a long time. Consequently, less energy would be used, and so the energy bill would be reduced. However, the flow rate is restricted by the water pressure in your own home, and the speed of the water connection to the mains.
  • Condensate– this simply refers to one of the boiler pipes, which is responsible for taking the waste gas away from the boiler, and leads outside the home. When the boiler produces heat, some condensation will be produced. This is just part of the way that boilers work and is nothing to worry about.
  • ErP Rating– this is an A to G rating shown on all new boilers. It refers to how energy efficient the boiler is deemed to be. An A rated boiler will be 90% efficient, while a G rated boiler is less that 70% efficient.
  • Combination– this refers to the boilers that provide heating and hot water within the same system. As a result, these boilers do not need any water storage tanks, as the water is drawn and heated at the time it is needed.
  • Condensing– this refers to the process some boilers take to regain fuel from the waste gases. This makes them incredibly energy efficient. Many new boilers now have condensing technology.

confusing boiler lingo

In summary
Confusing boiler lingo is a real headache. With so many things to consider when choosing a new boiler, the jargon can cause more confusion. If you need a new boiler, why not contact us at K and M Maintenance in Preston, where we provide a friendly and knowledgeable, professional service?